Anti-Leak High Pressure Adaptor

Presenting one of it's kind unique commercial High pressure adaptor wich has a unique capability of prevention of leaks from the bottom of adaptors due to its magic lock tech our adaptors will now prevent leakage if there is no oring even in cylinders, again with a affordable pricing segment anti leak adaptor is one of its kind a magic product, this solves a high tention and pressure heading area of restaurants where there are a lot of complaints of leaks from adaptor itself.
  • SIZE          :              1/2 , 3/4
  • BOTTOM  :               22mm , 25mm
  • MATERIAL :              BRASS NUT
  • WEIGHT   :               185 gms Approx
  • YEAR OF MFG :         2023
  • INSURANCE :            None


Product Code: MLDCAA